UK Garage Samples


Introducing “UK Garage Samples” – your ultimate toolkit for capturing the authentic essence of UK Garage music, expertly produced by renowned sound designer Harry Robinson and powered by Komorebi Audio.

This meticulously curated collection includes a wealth of 156 one-shots and 272 loops, all crafted to infuse your music with the undeniable energy, rhythm, and soul of the UK Garage genre.

From punchy kicks to silky-smooth chords, this sample pack offers a diverse array of one-shot samples meticulously designed to provide the fundamental building blocks of your tracks. You’ll find a wide selection of bass hits, drum hits, synth stabs, vocal chops, and more. These one-shots are perfect for crafting your unique hooks and beats, allowing for endless creative freedom in your production

Alongside this is an extensive collection of loops, including drum grooves, basslines, synth riffs, and vocal runs. Each loop has been carefully crafted to ensure seamless integration into your projects, offering the rhythmic and melodic core that defines the UK Garage sound. These loops are ready to be dropped into your DAW, saving you valuable production time and inspiring your creativity.

We understand the importance of maintaining creative freedom. That’s why all the samples and loops in this pack are 100% royalty-free. Use them in your tracks, remixes, or live performances without any concerns about licensing or royalties. It’s your music, and you have complete control over it.

As always all sounds are provided as 24bit wav files and are 100% royalty free.

Pack Size – 1.1GB

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UK Garage Samples