Tsukimi Lofi – Sample Pack


Tsukimi Lofi is a collection of royalty free and unique lofi samples created by Komorebi Audio head sound designer Skit.

Seriously detuned guitars, floating soulful keys, ambient and ethereal pads and dusty lofi drums combine to create Tsukimi Lofi.

Warm analog sub bass and pocketed drum grooves dance together while lush pads provide a textural and other worldly ambience. Complex and inspiring key progressions provide the perfect starting point for any lofi hip hop beat.

The drums in this sample pack are a mixture of synthesised kicks, chopped and dirtied snare recordings and filtered and crushed hihat and cymbal sounds. Various tape emulators, distortion units and desk style channel strips were used to add grit and character to these lofi samples.

Additional mixing and engineering was provided by Polish producer and mix engineer MYSTXRIVL.

Inspired by the sounds of Dryhope, Nightswimmers, The Kount, ROM, Casiio & Tender Spring.

If you are looking to add a detuned and moody edge to your own lofi hip hop, chill beats and electronic music productions this pack has you covered!

In total this sample pack contains 151 sounds. All sounds are provided as 24-bit WAV files and are 100% royalty free.

Pack Breakdown

11 Full drum loops

10 Hihat & percussion loops

9 No Kick drum loops

14 Hihat one shots

17 Kick one shots

12 Snare one shots

7 Arp loops

17 Guitar loops

15 Key loops

11 Pad loops

2 Bass loops

3 Bass one shots

11 Guitar one shots

3 Pad one shots

7 Key one shots

2 Atmosphere loops

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Tsukimi Lofi - Sample Pack