Sleepy lofi vol. 2


Following on from the success of vol. 1 Komorebi Audio introduces Sleepy lofi vol. 2, an enchanting sleepy lofi sample pack that transcends the boundaries of relaxation and musical bliss.

Immerse yourself in a sonic dreamscape where delicate melodies, soothing beats, and gentle textures seamlessly intertwine to create an ethereal ambiance. This meticulously curated sleepy lofi sample pack is designed to evoke the tranquility of late-night musings and the serenity of quiet introspection.

Dive into a treasure trove of meticulously crafted sounds, featuring dreamy pianos, warm vinyl crackles, hazy guitar strums, and velvety synth pads. Sleepy lofi vol. 2 provides an extensive palette for producers to effortlessly craft soulful, low-fi masterpieces that captivate the essence of peaceful contemplation.

Whether you’re an experienced producer seeking to add a touch of tranquil sophistication to your tracks or a budding artist looking to explore the realm of lo-fi aesthetics, this sample pack is your passport to a world of sonic serenity. Elevate your creations with these evocative sleepy lofi samples and let your music become a soothing lullaby for the soul. Imbue your projects with the gentle embrace of this enchanting collection, and watch as your compositions effortlessly transport listeners to a realm of tranquil bliss.

Inside this sample pack you will find emotive and dusty piano and key loops, rich and warm acoustic guitar loops, washed out electric guitar loops, detuned pads and synth plucks alongside a plethora of inspiring and production ready drum one shots and lofi drum loops.

Inspired by the more mellow and introspective side of the lofi and beats scene, these sleepy lofi samples are guaranteed  to have you in your feels.

Created by UK based musician and producer Dokkodo Sounds.

Pack Breakdown

15 full drum loops

15 no kick loops

15 percussion loops

12 vocal loops

13 pad loops

15 bass loops

15 melodic stack loops

15 synth loops

17 key loops

26 electric guitar loops

26 acoustic guitar loops

16 snare one shots

15 kick one shots

22 hihat one shots

11 percussion one shots

12 drum fills

4 808 one shots

15 fx one shots

11 ambience one shots

1 vocal one shot

3 key one shots

4 guitar one shots

5 synth one shots

5 pad one shots

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sleepy lofi sample pack artwork

Sleepy lofi vol. 2