Skit x Kareful – Serum Wave Presets Vol 2



Komorebi Audio presents – Skit x Kareful – Serum Wave Presets Vol 2, the second instalment in a series of wave and ambient trap serum presets.

After the huge success of their first serum preset pack, Skit and Kareful are back again with another collection of ambient trap and wave patches for Xfer serum.

This collection of ambient trap serum presets takes inspiration from many different sub genres of electronic music while keeping all sounds roughly centred around the wave genre.

Inside you can expect to find lead sounds that take inspiration from the grimier end of the spectrum sitting next to downtempo and analogue drift style leads inspired by artists such as Boards of Canada. Bass sounds that range from brooding and filtered reese basses to extreme new age style rap 808’s and digitally distorted tones.

The plucks and keys take inspiration from ambient trap and wave producers such as drip-133, yung gud and klimeks. These sounds are mainly minimal and percussive in nature.

The pad sounds included act as a soft and evolving musical bed for other sounds to be layered neatly on top of. They rarely sway into bright or harsh territory, instead they offer subtle movement, depth and inspiration.

All in all this collection of presets offers a wide selection of the different sounds you would expect to hear in ambient trap, wave, chill and downtempo music.

Skit x Kareful – Serum Wave Presets Vol 2 is compatible with the latest version of Xfer serum.

Pack Breakdown (51 Patches) :

16 Bass presets

18 Lead presets

7 Pad presets

10 Pluck & Key presets

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Skit X Kareful - Serum Wave Presets Vol 2

Skit x Kareful - Serum Wave Presets Vol 2