Skit x Kareful – Serum Wave Presets



Komorebi Audio Presents – Skit x Kareful – Serum Wave Presets, the worlds first serum preset pack centred exclusively around wave music.

The idea behind this serum preset pack was simple, create a set of sounds that lay the foundations of any wave track. After a quick search we realised this had not been done before so there was nothing to reference our pack against and had a pretty blank slate to create whatever we wanted. We decided that giving a few of each type of sound was the best course of action so set about putting this together.

Inside this pack you will find 15 detuned and moody bass and reese patches, 12 soaring and ghostly leads, 10 lush heavenly pads, 3 unique key sounds and 10 staccato pluck sounds.

These sounds are a mixture of new and unique sounds created exclusively for this sample pack and sounds taken from each artists personal library.

Skit x Kareful – Serum Wave Presets gives you all the tools necessary to create you first wave or ambient trap track or boost your current arsenal of sounds.

Compatible with the latest version of serum.

Check out the demo for a preview of some of the sounds included in the pack.

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Skit x Kareful - Serum Wave Presets