Post Rock Ambience and Organic Chill – Sample Pack


Komorebi Audio presents our most cinematic sample pack to date – Post Rock Ambience and Organic Chill, a collection of samples that takes influence from ambient, post rock, future garage and lofi hip hop music.

This post rock sample pack delivers ethereal pads and soundscapes created using modern ambient production techniques and reverb units, shimmering and emotive guitar recordings and swells and a selection of original drum and percussion recordings created by british producer Soular Order.

Soular Order has become well known for his eclectic music which takes inspiration from ambient, post rock and lofi. His productions feature a variety of obscure and rare guitar pedals, elektron digitakt looping station, atmospheric field recordings and multiple pieces of hardware gear and modular synths.  More info about his set up and live performances can be found via his website.

If you are looking for a sample pack filled with rich ambient textures, experimental sound design, cute home made percussion and expressive guitars, look no further.

Post Rock Ambience & Organic Chill contains over 250mb of files all provided in 24bit WAV format. Every sound is 100% royalty free and has been expertly key tagged, tempo synced and mixed down for ease of use.

If you enjoyed our other sample packs that sit on the more chilled side of electronic music such as “Glitched Foley and Ambient Textures” this sample pack is right up your street.

Post rock samples created for use within ambient trap music, future garage, wave, cloud rap and downtempo.

Pack Breakdown

17 pad loops

6 bass loops

7 guitar loops

8 lead loops

10 full drum loops

18 hihat & percussion loops

6 kick & snare loops

6 bass one shots

5 mallet one shots

11 pad one shots

4 guitar one shot

12 hihat one shots

10 kick one shots

31 percussion one shots

7 snare one shots


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Post Rock Ambience and Organic Chill - Sample Pack