Nocturnal Beats & Lofi


Nocturnal Beats & Lofi is the latest lofi samples pack from UK Based sample makers Komorebi Audio.

This pack captures the sound of late nights in the forest, birds chirp, crickets sing and the sound of light drizzle bounces off the leaves around you.

Inside you will find organic and minimal lofi drums, inspiring foley and ambience recordings, acoustic and electric guitar progressions, warm synth and electric bass recordings and emotive piano loops.

All sounds have been tempo synced, key tagged and mixed to perfection for ease of use and ultimate flexibility.

As always all sounds are 100% Royalty Free and come provided as high quality .WAV files.

If you are looking for high quality, emotive, organic and mystical lofi samples to elevated your beat production, this sample pack is for you!

Created by producer Fair Game and Powered by Komorebi Audio.

Pack Breakdown

20 Full Drum Loops

20 No Kick Drum Loops

5 Foley Loops

10 Hihat Loops

15 Bass Loops

15 Piano Loops

20 Synth Loops

17 Guitar Loops

10 Percussion One Shots

5 Snap One Shots

5 Clap One Shots

10 Snare One Shots

10 Kick One Shots

10 Percussion One Shots

10 Foley One shots

20 Hihat One Shots

10 Bass One Shots

10 Synth One Shots

12 Guitar One Shots

10 Piano One Shots

5 Misc Melodic One Shots

11 Ambience One Shots

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Komorebi Audio - Nocturnal Beats & Lofi Samples Artwork

Nocturnal Beats & Lofi