Night Glow Trap Melodies – Sample Pack


Komorebi Audio presents – Night Glow Trap Melodies, An outstanding collection of trap melody samples and songstarter loops ready to drag, chop and flip for your trap productions.

Created by mid west producer Fresh Kid Blaze, this sample pack takes influence from current trap production styles while Fresh Kid Blazes signature video game inspired and drowsy detuned sounds can be clearly heard throughout.

The sounds included have a unique tone and texture to them due to the heavy use of modular synthesis and experimental sound design that fans of FKB have come to expect from this promising producer.

The trap melody samples included are heavily influenced in their sound and musicality by vintage video games such as street fighter 2, Shenmue, Streets of Rage, Megaman and Donkey Kong Country while inkeeping with current trap music trends and styles.

Ranging in BPM’s from 100 to 170 this sample pack of trap melodies and ready to go loops is extremely versatile and covers many different pockets and tempos associated with modern trap music.

In total this pack contains 129 songstarter loops provided as 24bit WAV files. All Komorebi Audio sounds, samples and presets are 100% royalty free. 

If you’re looking to add a melodic and late night vibe to your tracks then this one is for you.


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Night Glow Trap Melodies - Sample Pack