Neo Electronica – Serum Wave Presets



Neo Electronica – Serum Wave Presets is a collection of futuristic and moody Hardwave serum presets inspired by modern wave music, hardwave and alternative electronic music.

Inside you will find euro trance inspired lead sounds, moody and evolving reese bass, deep pad swells and unique plucked tones.

This pack is the fifth in our series of serum presets focused around the moodier and more forward thinking side of underground electronic music. All sounds were meticulously crafted from scratch by Skit. 

In total this preset pack contains 50 patches which consists of 17 bass patches, 2 drum patches, 12 lead patches, 5 pad patches, 13 pluck patches & 1 sequence patch.

The reese basses feature heavyily distorted digital waves and sweeping filters, leads created to inspire and pads that provide a lush musical bed for you to layer your other melodies on top of.

If you are looking to beef up your artillery with some hard hitting and unique presets this pack has got you covered!

All presets are compatible with Xfer Serum V1.304 or later.

If you look the sounds included in this pack, check out our previous serum presets in the same style “Wave Essentials & Chill Trap Serum Presets”.

Inspired by artists such as Drip-133Blank BodyYung Gud, Mssingno, Skeler, Deadcrow & Juche.

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Boolin-Neo Electronica - Serum Wave Presets

Neo Electronica - Serum Wave Presets