Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapellas Vol 2


After the huge success of our Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapella’s sample pack it only made sense to follow up with even more trap vocal samples.

Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapellas Vol 2 treads much of the same ground as the original sample pack but the sounds provided in Vol 2 are in a class of their own.

This sample pack contains 200 high quality trap vocal samples inspired by Modern Trap Music, UK Drill and Grime and performed by South London MC, Jamell René.

The vocal recordings took place at pirate studios in Notting Hill, West London while the mixing and post production was carried out by Skit at the Komorebi Audio studio in Herts, UK.

To capture the bass heavy and gritty tone of Jamell’s voice we opted to use an SM7B broadcast style microphone and ran it through a Neve Preamp plugin and a classic LA-2A replication from Universal Audio. Every care was then taken to remove unwanted pops & clicks and to line up the recordings so that they loop seemlessly.

The recordings are provided as dry vocals (vocals with minimal processing and no fx), wet vocals (vocals featuring delay reverb and other classic vocal fx) and glitch vocals (vocals heavily modulated, retriggered and creatively mangled).

If you are looking for high quality and authentic trap vocal samples and rap acapellas, this sample pack has got you covered! Spark your creativity with these high quality and gritty rap recordings.


This sample pack contains only vocal samples. All other sounds from the demo track were taken from the Komorebi Audio sample packs “UK Drill & Crepuscular Trap” and “Night Glow Trap Melodies”.

All sounds are provided as 24-bit 44.1khz WAV files and are 100% royalty free

Pack Breakdown

39 Dry Vocal Loops

39 Wet Vocal Loops

34 Glitch Vocal Loops

30 Dry Vocal One Shots

28 Glitch Vocal One Shots

30 Wet Vocal One Shots

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Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapellas Vol 2