Lofi Hip Hop Vocals and Vinyl Scratch Loops


Lofi Hip Hop Vocals and Vinyl Scratch Loops is an all vocal sample pack inspired by vintage hip hop vocal recordings and vinyl scratch patterns. In total this sample pack contains 50 vocal loops, 21 vinyl scratch loops and 46 vocal one shots in the style of vintage hip hop, boom bap and lofi.

For the vocals in this sample pack we called in our friend and talented south london rapper Jamell Rene. This is Jamell’s second sample pack for Komorebi Audio, the first being our top selling pack “Modern Trap Vocals and Rap Acapellas” which was released in early 2019.

The recording took place in Pirate Studios Notting Hill while the post production was handled at the Komorebi Audio studio space. The sessions were engineered and mixed by Komorebi Audio boss Skit. The microphone that was chosen for the recording of these vocals was a Shure Sm7b, chosen for its low end capabilities and overall warmth and broadcast style character. The vocal samples were then treated with a variety of different vintage style a