Kawaii RNB


Introducing Kawaii RNB, a captivating sample pack where the irresistible charm of pastel tinged RNB meets the nostalgic allure of Y2K hip hop beats.

This collection offers a unique blend of dreamy melodies, weighty 808’s, smooth pads and inspiring keys alongside drum one shots and loops that are infused with the signature swing, gritty textures, and undeniable groove of early 2000’s hip hop.

Whether you’re producing lofi beats, dreamy pop tracks, or soulful ballads, these samples will transport your listeners to a world filled with pastel skies and endless possibilities.

Produced by Westy and powered by Komorebi Audio.

Pack Breakdown

18 percussion one shots

22 snare one shots

15 clap one shots

20 kick one shots

19 hihat one shots

5 fx one shots

5 atmosphere one shots

2 bass one shots

6 vocal one shots

12 808 one shots

8 synth one shots

20 full drum loops

20 top drum loops

20 percussion loops

5 guitar loops

16 key loops

19 melodic stack loops

19 bass loops

34 synth loops

10 pad loops

1 vocal loop

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Kawaii RNB Sample Pack

Kawaii RNB