Heavy Glitch and Ambient Tones


Komorebi Audio presents its heaviest and most glitched out sample pack to date “Heavy Glitch and Ambient Tones”.

Experimentation and happy accidents are at the core of this pack and a huge variety of hardware gear  and modular units were used to achieve its sound. Heavy and neurofunk inspired bass tones sit alongside silky smooth and heavenly ambient soundscapes. Kawaii arp sounds playfully jump around and provide a slight relief from the sonic onslaught of the rest of this heavy glitch sample pack.

The drums in this pack are glitched to perfection by sample pack creator Guilt Chip and inspired by artists such as Bleep Bloop, G Jones and Amon Tobin.

We have also included 23 extra glitch sounds for you to mangle, repurpose and use in your tracks.

This exquisite collection of lush soundscapes and tearout bass tones and fx is a must have for any EDM, Glitch or heavy bass producer.

Heavy Glitch and Ambient Tones contains over 472mb of files all provided in 24bit WAV format. Every sound is 100% royalty free and has been expertly key tagged, tempo synced and mixed down for ease of use.

Equipment Used

Aruria Minibrute 2S

Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas


Roland TR-8

XFER Serum

SoundToys Crystalizer

Oeksound Soothe2

Soundtheory Gullfoss EQ

Pack Breakdown

23 alt drum loops

23 full drum loops
22 hit and percussion loops
52 drum hits
9 arp loops
18 bass and 808 loops
39 pad loops
6 piano loops
10 arp hits
18 bass and 808 hits
43 pad hits
8 piano hits
5 glitch loops
18 glitch hits