Granular Raindrops – Ambient Tape Loops


Granular Raindrops – Ambient Tape Loops is a collection of melodic ambient samples recorded to tape, driven through granular effects units and warped to perfection.

Inspired by the sounds of artists such as Bones, Grayera, Hainbach, Amulets and William Basinski, experimentation is at the heart of every sound in this pack. Dark and haunting keys sit alongside granular style arps while droning and distant ambient pads provide an ethereal and heavily textured backdrop.

The synth sounds in this pack are a mixture of real world analogue sounds resampled from the Moog Mother 32 semi modular synth and popular synth plugins such as Sylenth and Serum.

Microcassettes were used, warped and resampled to create the unstable and warm tone heard throughout this pack. We opted to use these instead of full size cassettes as the lofi and unpredictable nature of microcassette’s and vintage dictaphones added a uniquely retro and nostalgic feel to the loops run through them. All sounds have been painstakingly mixed, pitch corrected and edited for ease of use.

All sounds in this sample pack were meticulously crafted by Komorebi Audio head sound designer Skit. His wave inspired and ambient style can be heard on his earlier packs such as Ambient Trap & Ethereal Chill and on his serum preset bank Wave Essentials & Chill Trap Serum Presets.

In total this pack weighs in at 186mb and contains 47 Melodic Loops and 1 Melodic One Shot.

Granular Raindrops – Ambient Tape Loops is a perfect addition to your sample collection if you’re looking to add an ambient and lofi edge to your sounds.

Pack Breakdown

14 Piano loops

14 Pad loops

2 Guitar loops

9 Synth loops

8 Synth loops

1 Piano one shot

Gear Used

Panasonic RN-202

Moog Mother 32

Sanyo Talkbook VAS

Sony MC-60 Microcassette’s

Universal Audio Apollo Twin

Japanese Thumb Piano


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Granular Raindrops - Ambient Tape Loops