Goofy Ahh Beats


Goofy Ahh Beats is a vibrant and eclectic hip hop sample pack by Hanz & Sem0r designed to inject energy, character, and humour into your productions.

Bursting with quirky melodies, playful rhythms, and unexpected soundscapes, this collection is a playground for those seeking to infuse their tracks with a touch of humour and unpredictability.

From wonky synth leads that dance between the lines of absurdity to booming 808s that hit with undeniable force, Goofy Ahh Beats delivers a fusion of the unconventional and the hard-hitting.

Each sound is meticulously crafted to spark creativity and inspire experimentation, inviting producers to push the boundaries of hip hop and electronic music and venture into uncharted sonic territory.

Whether you’re crafting tracks for comedic purposes, injecting a dose of lightheartedness into your beats, or simply seeking fresh sounds to invigorate your productions, Goofy Ahh Beats offers a treasure trove of offbeat samples and loops to elevate your music to new heights. Get ready to turn heads, make people smile, and unleash your inner child with Goofy Ahh Beats.

Pack Breakdown

11 percussion loops

10 hihat loops

29 drum loops

38 synth loops

2 bass loops

4 keys loops

7 melodic stack loops

17 percussion one shots

6 drum fills

10 fx one shots

5 foley one shots

5 808 one shots

10 bass one shots

15 synth one shots

3 rim one shots

7 snare one shots

5 hihat one shots

5 kick one shots

11 clap one shots


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Goofy Ahh Beats Sample Pack

Goofy Ahh Beats