Ethereal Trap and Future Wave - Sample Pack


Ethereal Trap and Future Wave is a breathtaking sample pack created to help you make wave music. This sample pack is filled with hard hitting drums, lush pads, rich and detuned analogue arps and tearing reese bass sounds created by wave and trap producer Kavern.

Unique and snappy hihat, percussion and snares sit atop heavy and compressed trap kick samples. Thick and character rich analogue style arpeggiated patterns dance playfully over a silky bed of pad sounds and tearing reese tones and digitally distorted 808 bass.

Each drum loops is provided as 4 seperate files, Full Drums, Hihat and Percussion, Kick and Snare and Alternative/Glitched Version for ultimate flexibility and variation. The BPM of the drum loops ranges from a snail paced 108 up to grime and dubstep territory of 140.

Ethereal Trap and Future Wave is the first in a three part series of wave sample packs that Kavern has created for Komorebi Audio. The 2nd being his pack “Detuned Wave and Hybrid Trap” and third being