Emo Wave and Organic Trap



Komorebi Audio presents – Emo Wave and Organic Trap – A collection of Emotive and Organic samples for modern trap, wave, soundcloud rap, ambient hip hop and bass music production. Emo Wave and Organic Trap is a collection of intricate and polished xylophone/marimba loops, heavy and high definition trap drums, moody and experimental basslines and 808s, soaring arp loops and other worldly organic pads.

Inspired by the sounds of Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, Clams Casino, Mssingno, 808 Mafia, GOTHBOICLIQUIE, Nothing Nowhere, SESH, Lorne and Oliver Francis.

In detail you can expect to find 486mb of content provided in 24bit WAV format.

This includes 21 Full Drum Loops 23 Alt Drum Loops, 20 Kick and Snare Loops, 22 Hihat and Percussion Loops, 11 Arp Loops, 11 Bass and 808 Loops,19 Guitar Loops, 19 Mallet Loops, 23 Pad Loops, 10 Synth Loops, 10 Ambience Loops, 78 Drum Hits, 17 Bass and 808 Hits, 13 Pad Hits, 9 Synth Hits, 19 Guitar Hits,14 Mallet Hits.

Emo Wave and Organic Trap is the perfect accompaniment to your experimental trap and chilled electronic productions.