Emo Wave and Organic Trap – Sample Pack


Emo Wave and Organic Trap is a high quality sample pack that contains loops and samples inspired by emo trap,  organic electronic music, wave, soundcloud rap, ambient and hip hop.

Emo Wave and Organic Trap sits at the intersection of found organic sounds and synthesised beats. The contents of this pack range from organic and rich mallet instruments, emotive and catchy guitar progressions, rhythmic machine drum loops and 808’s and cinematic and deep pads. The mallet instruments were created with real world kalimba and marimba instruments that were masterfully crafted in Tokyo and recorded through an SE Voodoo Microphone to accentuate the natural characteristics of the instruments while taming the unpredictable high end transients.

All the sounds inside were created and mixed by Skit. This is his first sample pack focused around emo trap samples and released on Komorebi Audio, other packs from the West London based producer include Ambient Trap and Ethereal Chill, Glitched Foley and Ambient Textures and the Serum preset pack Wave Essentials and Chill Trap.

In detail you can expect to find 486mb of content provided in 24bit WAV format. All samples are 100% royalty free and ready to drag and drop into your DAW or sampler instrument.

Emo Wave and Organic Trap is the perfect addition to your emo trap samples library. Useful for making emo trap, future beats, downtempo and hip hop productions

Inspired by the sounds of Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, Clams Casino, Mssingno, 808 Mafia, GOTHBOICLIQUE, Nothing Nowhere, SESH, Lorne and Oliver Francis.

Pack Breakdown

19 Guitar Loops

19 Mallet Loops

23 Pad Loops

10 Synth Loops

21 Full Drum Loops

23 Alt Drum Loops

20 Kick and Snare Loops

22 Hihat and Percussion Loops

11 Arp Loops

11 Bass and 808 Loops

10 Ambience Loops

78 Drum Hits

17 Bass and 808 Hits

13 Pad Hits

9 Synth Hits

19 Guitar Hits

14 Mallet Hits


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Emo Wave and Organic Trap - Sample Pack