Chill RNB Vocals


Chill RNB Vocals is an all vocal sample pack where smooth melodies and heartfelt lyrics converge to create an oasis of tranquility within your music productions.

This emotive and intimate vocal sample pack offers a rich and varied selection of emotive vocal performances, intimate whispered phrases, ready made hooks and loops and a huge variety of one shots and adlibs.

This sample pack features an extensive array of vocal loops, phrases, ad-libs, and harmonies, all performed by a professional vocalist renowned for her expressive and versatile singing styles. Each sample has been meticulously mixed, key tagged and tempo synced, capturing every nuance and detail to ensure that your tracks resonate with clarity and warmth and are as user friendly as possible.

Unlock the the emotive power of R&B music and let your creativity soar as you weave these captivating vocal performances into your own productions.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, this sample pack provides all the chill rnb vocals you need to create goosebump inducing music.

Recorded in Los Angeles, California and mixed by Komorebi Audio head honcho Skit in the UK.

Pack Breakdown

88 Dry Vocal One Shots

72 Wet Vocals One Shots

47 Dry Vocal Loops

47 Wet Vocal Loops

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Chill RNB Vocals

Chill RNB Vocals