Aquatic Ambience – Cartridge Trap Melodies


Picture this, it is Christmas Eve 1994, mom just put some pizza bagels in the oven and your cousin Davey is blowing into the cartridge of his new game to get it to work. Suddenly you hear it, intense bright and hyper futuristic synth sounds that up until this point the world had never heard before. 8 bit arp sounds play together with monophonic gliding leads and swelling pads to immerse you in a whole new universe.

Aquatic Ambience – Cartridge Trap Melodies is a sample pack inspired by the golden age of video games and created for use in your modern trap music and hip hop productions. Inside you will find 201 full melodic stack loops ready to be chopped, flipped, remixed or simply drag and dropped into your beat to add an instant vintage and video game inspired feel.

This sample pack was created by Komorebi Audio sound designer and producer Fresh Kid Blaze using experimental modular synthesis techniques, vintage emulators and finished with tight modern mix down techniques. This is Fresh Kid Blaze’s second sample pack for Komorebi Audio, his first being the Night Glow Trap Melodies pack that dropped 6 months previous.

If you are looking to transport your listeners to an alternate reality with other worldly electronic trap melodies this is the pack for you!

All sounds are provided as 24-bit WAV files and are 100% royalty free. All care has been taken to remove any pop, clicks, noise and to expertly mix down all samples for ease of use. All loops are provided as seemlessly looping songstarters and are included with and without bass. The tempo of the sounds ranges from 90 to 187bpm.

Pack size – 591mb – 201 Melodic Loops

For fans of  Sesh, Wavemob, Chiptune, Vaporwave, 80’s Synthwave, Cloud Rap, Video Game Soundtracks & more.

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Aquatic Ambience - Cartridge Trap Melodies