Ambient Jazz & Hip Hop


Komorebi Audio presents Ambient Jazz & Hip Hop, an ethereal and vibey take on the current trippy and soulful sound of boombap and hip hop beats.

The vibe of this pack is very laid back and other worldly, we wanted to create small ideas and sections that producers can go ahead and use in their own productions or flip chop and mangle into something completely unique.

The drums in this pack are a mixture between jazz and hip hop with the mixing and processing of the drums heavily leaning towards hip hop and boombap. The melodic elements in contrast are very nostalgic and warm and create a lush bed for the drums to ride over.

This unique collection of ambient jazz hip hop samples was written and performed by veteran UK based musicians Alexander Bennett (Keys), Luke Stenner (Bass) & Adam Hayes (Drums).

We mic’d up a vintage suitcase electric piano with a pencil condenser microphone on each speaker to  to capture the stereo information and an AKG C414 placed in the middle to capture the warmth and overall body of this incredible instrument.

Drums were mic’d using an AKG C414 for room ambience, an SM7B on kick, SM57 on snare and a twin pair of overhead mics were used to capture width and sizzle.

Bass was Di’d in and given some saturation through the preamps onboard to create a clean and stable low end.

Inspired by ambient jazz hip hop samples, late night chill sessions and ethereal vibes.

As always all sounds in the sample pack are 100% royalty free.

Pack Breakdown

8 Full Drum Loops

7 No Kick Drum Loops

1 Hihat & Percussion Loop

24 Rhodes Piano Loops

18 Bass Loops

2 Bass One Shots

8 Rhodes Piano One Shots

13 Kick One Shots

12 Snare One Shots

2 Percussion One Shots

33 Hihat One Shots

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Ambient Jazz & Hip Hop Samples - Artwork

Ambient Jazz & Hip Hop