Amapiano Waves


Introducing ‘Amapiano Waves,’ an electrifying sample pack that takes you on a sonic journey through the pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies of the Amapiano genre. Immerse yourself in the vibrant waves of South African house music with this meticulously curated collection of sounds that encapsulate the essence of Amapiano.

Feel the grooves inside this 184 file amapiano sample pack that includes expertly crafted drum loops, featuring the signature syncopated beats and percussive elements that define Amapiano’s dance-inducing rhythm. Let the soulful melodies wash over you with lush piano chords, atmospheric synths, and catchy leads, capturing the genre’s unmistakable melodic flair. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, ‘Amapiano Waves’ provides the perfect tools to infuse your tracks with the infectious energy of this globally acclaimed genre.

Amapiano music and dance have played an important role in expressing culture and bringing people together. In South Africa, Amapiano emerged in the mid-2010s and has since become a worldwide sensation. 

Amapiano is a blend of deep house, jazz, lounge music and kwaito, characterized by synthesizers, broad percussive bass lines and infectious rhythms.

This Amapiano sample pack provides all the building blocks you need to make your own Amapiano music. Including high quality and energetic drum loops, emotive keys and synth sounds, authentic African percussion and essential logdrum bass sounds. Created by producer Fantastic and powered by Komorebi Audio.

As always all sounds have been mixed to perfection and are 100% royalty free.

Sample Pack Breakdown

13 full drum loops

12 misc drum loops

10 percussion loops

7 shaker loops

3 fx loops

24 songstarter loops

3 vocal loops

7 key loops

7 guitar loops

3 log drum loops

18 synth loops

3 melodic stack loops

2 mallet loops

1 string loop

9 log drum one shots

15 synth one shots

3 clap one shots

7 hihat one shots

4 kick one shots

10 percussion one shots

10 rim one shots

6 shaker one shots

7 snare one shots



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Amapiano Sample Pack Artwork

Amapiano Waves