Hamilton x Christopher Nolan

2020 has been a disaster year for movie premieres (will we ever get to see No Time to Die?) but it has been a fruitful time for movie watches. Exhibit A: this limited edition timepiece created for Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi spy thriller, Tenet. Modelled after a one-of-a-kind watch developed by Hamilton in collaboration with Christopher Nolan and the film’s production designer, this version of the brand’s Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO Auto features a red or blue-tipped seconds hand against its matte black dial.

Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara is one of those people who you might never notice until you know who he is, and then he’s everywhere. The multi-hyphenate’s work spans a huge range of collaborative projects, from Nike sneakers to Martin guitars and, most recently, TAG Heuer watches. This version of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 is a highly limited edition, whose black and red colour scheme and subtle logo from Fujiwara’s fragment design hits all the right notes for hypebeasts and watch fans alike.

Hublot x Cruz-Diez

This partnership between the avant garde Swiss watchmaker and Carlos Cruz-Diez was among the last creations of the late Venezuelan artist, who passed away in 2019. As such, it’s both an important historical piece and a totally unique bit of wristwear. In the spirt of Cruz-Diez’ focus on colour theory, the rotating dial creates a kaleidoscopic pattern that changes with each passing second.

High-end Swiss watches and high-end Italian tailoring have a lot in common, and so do Kiton and Chopard, two family-run brands with a focus on exceptional quality and attention to detail. After meeting at the Mille Miglia in 2018, the brands’ presidents put their heads together to create the LUC XP Il Sarto Kiton, a watch that pays tribute to watchmaking and tailoring, with a handmade LUC movement and a herringbone dial and strap. Limited to just 100 pieces, it’s almost as unique as a bespoke suit.